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    A journey to reveal secret of the brain's potential

  • About Neurodyssey

    Neurodyssey Association ("Neurodyssey") is a comprehensive intervention service provider for children.


    Neurodyssey is a social enterprise led by Counselling Psychologists and Ph.D. in Psychology together with a team of passionate experts coming from different aspects. We serve the society & the community which needs health being & psychological training, aim at providing positive mind set , positive thinking.


    All our programs are jointly designed and developed by Counselling Psychologists, Ph.D. in Psychology, veteran instructors, certified music therapist, certified horticultural therapist, which blend traditional teaching with vigorous evidence-based research supporting to deliver the best outcome for people.

  • Our Services

    Martial Arts

    Improve attention and behavioral issues through mind-body exercises

    Sensory Integration Training

    Stimulate all parts of the brain for all-rounded development

    Pastel Nagomi Art

    Relieve stress and express feelings through the kids' fingers

    Horticultural Therapy

    Unlock the key to competent kids through engagement in the gardening

  • Our Exclusive Assessment

  • Assessment

    We provide one-stop service from neuro feedback analysis, consultant service and custom-made intervention program for children.


    Our goal is to help children to come across the problem in a happy and relaxing way.


  • Parent case sharing



    Many parents are having uncertainty regarding the diagnosis of SEN, and having no idea on how to take best care of their children.


    Parent case sharing


    Parent share her experience with us

    The difference with other intervention and how is her children gets Improvement


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